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Since communication is key, it is important you “click” with your Loan Officer and Real Estate Agent and you are all on the same page about what methods, times and/or days are easiest/best to reach you.

You will want to be able to communicate by as many methods as you feel comfortable with during the process.  Great communication eases the nerves and can be very convenient.

Tough Interview Questions to Ask Your Homebuying Team

Tell me about the hardest transaction you ever had to do?
Pay close attention to the anser of this question.  By the way your Home Buying Team applicants answers will help you determine if this is the right fit for you.

– Outcome Answer #1:  If they tell you a story about putting the Home Buyer’s interest first, that’s might be a good match.

– Outcome Answer #2: If they talk about how bad everyone else was on the transaction and it’s all about how they felt about the transaction, you might want to keep looking

Can you provide me with a list of your last 3 home buyer clients?  Get name, contact information (if client gives permission), date escrow closed.  This will tell you both, how active they are, and allow you to speak to their last 3 transactions.

If they are all glowing reviews, I would be surprised.  I never really trust 100% a company that has all 100% positive reviews.

Don’t be afraid to Google, Yelp!, Facebook, Twitter or LinkeIn search your Home Buying Team.  Don’t judge someone negatively for not having a strong online presence, although it does make it easier for you to get more information if they have a strong online resume.

My 100% Surefire Way to Guess Right Every Time

This may sound silly to some, not so silly to many others, and I’m going to say it anyhow – The best way to Guess Right is to Follow Your Gut feeling about your conversations and interactions with your potential Home Buyer Team.

The truth about Buying Real Estate is that the documents, the credit, the employment all create a home buying budget for you, that’s the easy part – the whole rest of the process is a metal game of pinball strapped to a roller coaster.

In an often high pressure, fast paced environment home buying escrow, open and frequent communication with your Home Buying Team is your greatest strength.

In most cases, once you trust and hire one member of your Home Buying Team, ask for a recommendation.  Trust me, we all have our “most trusted” partners that we love to team up with.  This is the absolute best way to start the process of completing your Home Buying Team.

If the recommendation doesn’t doesn’t pass your sniff test or interview questions, keep looking until you find a Direct Lender that you Trust.

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